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When you're not sure where to turn

Why SERVPRO? Because sometimes you don't have the time or money to waste with a fly by night company. A company who do not have the right equipment for the job,... READ MORE

Water Leaks from your Fridge?

Sometimes we get calls from customers complaining about water damages caused by a leak from their home refrigerator. Upon arrival at this home the water had lea... READ MORE


SERVPRO of Dover Middletown was recently called out to a residential home In order to complete a free estimate. The homeowner had called in to request us to com... READ MORE

When your not sure where to turn.

Sometimes things happen in your life, and your not exactly sure where to turn. This was one of those moments for this homeowner located in our district. SERVPRO... READ MORE

Bathroom and Water

Why SERVPRO? Well first things first we know a little something about water and what it does to your home. Bathrooms are a major point in your home for water da... READ MORE

Water Cleanup and Restoration Professionals

You end up having a water damage at your new home, and your highly upset. Your not sure where to turn or what to do, so you grab your phone and do a quick searc... READ MORE