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COVID-19, The New Way of Life

6/16/2020 (Permalink)

Although the major threat of COVID-19 will pass, our way of life will be changed for a long time. 

The virus has forced a great majority of people to stay home and has limited our simple essential trips such as grocery shopping and getting gas in our vehicles.  Businesses were closed for so long, that a percentage of them will not be able to reopen. 

Our new ways of interacting with each other have even changed. Salutes instead of handshakes, video chats instead of in person meetings. These are also likely to stick to some degree. When you’re having meetings for work, people are going to start asking, "Do we have to meet in person?" which is not something we would say before. Sanitation and disinfecting is at an utmost level of importance in all aspects of our lives. Our homes and businesses have been wiped, sprayed and then done again to prevent the spread.  

Regardless, this will be one for the history books.