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When you're not sure where to turn

Why SERVPRO? Because sometimes you don't have the time or money to waste with a fly by night company. A company who do not have the right equipment for the job,... READ MORE

Growth where you can't see

Sometimes growth is where you can't see it. Maybe you, and your family take a long weekend trip only to return home and notice a slight odor in your home. You t... READ MORE

Water Leaks from your Fridge?

Sometimes we get calls from customers complaining about water damages caused by a leak from their home refrigerator. Upon arrival at this home the water had lea... READ MORE

Washers generally hold 30-45 gallons of water

Did you know that the average washing machine is capable of using 30, and up to 45 gallons of water per a wash. This is great when it's washing your clothing, b... READ MORE

When it rains from the second floor

Sometimes SERVPRO Of Dover Middletown gets called out to a local home to help assist with a water damage that a customer may have, and every once in a while whe... READ MORE

Water inside your home form storms

Here at SERVPRO Of Dover Middletown, we were recently called out to North Carolina, to help with STORM TEAM. Storm Team is a part of SERVPRO which allows multip... READ MORE

Storm damage can bring high waters

Sometimes big storms such as Hurricanes or Nor'Easters can bring huge dangerous levels of water to areas that normally dont see that level of water. Luckily for... READ MORE

Residential Fires

SERVPRO Of Dover Middletown has been in the fire, water, and mold business for over 40 years now, and our staff are highly trained and have received countless h... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damages

From time to time, SERVPRO Of Dover Middletown is called out by a local company to help them with a leak they have in their business that is affecting their cus... READ MORE

Removing water quickly is a big deal

SERVPRO of Dover Middletown was recently called out to a residential address to access a water damage that had occurred in a finished basement. Upon arrival we ... READ MORE